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Author Peter Young
Basketball coach Mike Jarvis


Growing up in the 1980s, Thomas Conner dreamt of being the next Larry Bird. Swishing a twenty foot jump shot was as easy for him as breathing. But before he can become a star with the Boston Celtics and play along side his hero, he must first prove his worth in college.


Like so many other young athletes, it is a rude awakening for Thomas to discover that high school stardom does not guarantee success in college. Every practice and every game is a fight for respect. Likewise, his team, the Colonials of George Washington University, are often overlooked, lacking the pedigree and the wins of local powerhouses Georgetown and the University of Maryland.


When Thomas’s freshman season starts to unravel its not because of a complicated teammate, the distraction of a budding romance, or the wild and unpredictable streets of DC. Rather the culprit is the greatest adversary that all athletes face. Few identify it, even less conquer it. For Thomas, the answer is not found on the basketball court, instead it’s in his heart and his faith in Jesus Christ. With an assist from his father, Thomas discovers the sweet spot that all great shooters covet—the peace of mind to take and hit the game winning shot. And as his shots start to go in time and again, GW has a shot at being the next, great Cinderella story of March Madness.


More than just basketball, The Blue Team is a coming of age story that explores the complexities of going to college in the city, the beauty of strong father-son relationships, and the challenge of putting your identity in who you are rather than what you do. And for Thomas to learn this lesson, something has to give.

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